A person holds a net over the gunwale of a boat floating on the water.
Volunteers can help take water samples while scuba divers study the sanctuary. Photo: NOAA

You can get involved with Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary by volunteering, joining our Sanctuary Advisory Council, attending meetings as a member of the public, or as a student applying for an internship opportunity. National marine sanctuary volunteers work in close collaboration with many groups in their local communities including non-profits, boat operators, academic institutions, federal agencies, researchers, and many more.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information about volunteer opportunities.

A scuba diver reaches to pick up an aluminum can on a sandy seafloor.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers support their sanctuary through the Gray's Reef Ocean Discovery Center, diving, science, outreach events and resource protection.

A person wearing an orange and white, striped mask.

Volunteer of the Year

Volunteers who go above and beyond for their sanctuary are recognized by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

Three people walk through a salt marsh in a single file line.

Internships, Fellowships, Student Opportunities

Students can support their sanctuary through project-focused efforts ranging from scientific research to outreach and communications, resource protection, and sanctuary management.