Plan Your Trip

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary offers opportunities for fishing and diving throughout the year. The sanctuary also has an Ocean Discovery Center in Savannah, Georgia, and online, virtual experiences for those who don't have a boat to travel to the offshore sanctuary.

Plan your trip to the sanctuary with real-time weather and marine forecasts, navigational charts and wildlife-viewing guidelines all provided free of charge.

A person reeling in a fish while standing on a boat in the ocean.


The sanctuary is a paradise for fishing. Anglers can keep the fish they catch as long as they abide by state and federal regulations.

A school of white and black fish swim towards a scuba diver.


The sanctuary is a scuba diver's delight. Whirling schools of fish, sea turtles, and a unique rock ledges are waiting to be explored.

A person holds a fishing pole with two fish on the end while standing on a boat.

Plan Your Trip

Make the most of your trip to the sanctuary with these helpful resources and current weather.

An underwater seascape with fish swimming around a red barrel sponge.

Virtual Dives and Experiences

Take an immersive 360° dive at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary.

A store front building along a brick sidewalk with the title: Gray's Reef Ocean Discovery Center

Gray's Reef Ocean Discovery Center

Discover the sanctuary with interactive displays and educational programs.

A red and white scuba diving flag is attached to a boat with a yellow weather buoy floating on the ocean surface.

Get Into Your Sanctuary

Join the nationwide celebration of national marine sanctuaries through the Get Into Your Sanctuary annual campaign!