Press and Media

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary is a gem off the Georgia coast. While we invite you to explore the whole website, we've compiled a number of resources and information for quick access to get the important information you need.

Electronic Press Kit

Thinking about a sanctuary story? Use the resources here to help start your lead and connect with our media contact for additional assistance.

This press kit includes:

  • Information about the sanctuary and its ocean resources
  • Sport Fishing at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
  • Scuba Diving at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
  • Scientific Research Aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster
  • Annual Sanctuary Accomplishments
  • Maps of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

Story Ideas

Draw inspiration from these suggestions of how people, marine life, and the sanctuary intersect.

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary connects people with the wonders of the ocean. Below are a list of story angles that highlight how special this space off the Georgia coast is to those who use it.

  • What's Down There?—Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary has over 200 species of fish, and over 900 species of invertebrates—animals without backbones.
  • Gray's Reef on LAND!—Gray's Reef is active on land too with a visitor center in downtown Savannah, educational exhibits throughout the southeast U.S., and support for an annual student-led underwater robot competition.
  • Loggerhead sea turtles at Gray's Reef—Sea turtles are some of the magnificent creatures that use the ledges of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary for food and rest.
  • Recreational Diving at Gray's Reef—Scuba divers are able to explore the live-bottom habitats of the sanctuary seeing hundreds of invertebrates while being encircled by whirling schools of fishes.
  • Recreational Fishing at Gray's Reef—The sanctuary offers year-round fishing opportunities like trolling for kingfish or bottom fishing for grouper and snapper.
  • Ocean Research at Gray's Reef—The sanctuary is a catalyst for ocean research in the southeast United States by using and promoting new marine technologies.

Photos & Videos

View and download high resolution images and b-roll footage.