For Public

A detail photograph showing the ridges and bumps of an orange and yellow-colored sea star.
Sea stars are one of the many echinoderm invertebrates that live at the live-bottom reef. Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary can be explored in-person and virtually. The best way is to plan your fishing or diving trip to see it first hand. Otherwise, several land-based locations partner with the sanctuary for educational and interactive exhibits or programs. You can also explore the incredible biodiversity of Gray's Reef's live-bottom habitats virtually, without leaving home!

Ocean Discovery Center and Partner Exhibits

Discover the ocean and your national marine sanctuary with interactive touch tables, hands-on displays, and regularly scheduled programs about the amazing finds at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary.

Virtual Dives and Experiences

Take an immersive 360° tour of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Speaker's Bureau

The staff of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary offer ocean science awareness and stewardship presentations for public seminars, meetings, and conferences.

If your community group, non-profit, conservation organization, or after-school program would like to have someone from the sanctuary come speak, please contact our main email or phone line:, or 912-598-2345.

Speakers can address broad topics of the sanctuary or specifics like: marine life, sea turtles, marine mammals, ocean conservation, scientific research, ocean technology, or recreational opportunities.

If you have a passion for public speaking and your national marine sanctuary, please consider joining the speakers bureau. Contact the volunteer coordinator to see how you can support your sanctuary.