Fishing Best Practices

Enjoy Fishing at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary!

Make the most out of your trip to Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary with this interactive fishing guide. Learn about sanctuary regulations, and state and federal fishing regulations, how to fish responsibly within the sanctuary, and how to log your catch with some of the available apps for the Georgia coast. Help keep Gray's Reef an ideal fishing destination for generations to come. Funding was provided by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.

Follow these important tips to help protect and conserve the marine life and habitat at Gray's Reef:

  • Please use only rod and reel or handline fishing gear; spearfishing is prohibited.
  • Please use marker buoys; anchoring is prohibited.
  • Properly stow and dispose of used fishing line and other trash.
  • Don't touch, move, or take cultural artifacts.
  • Please use descending devices when releasing fish that show signs of barotrauma.
  • Review regional federal fisheries regulations.

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