Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
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Research in Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary. From the surface, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary might not look too different from the rest of the ocean -- but beneath the waves, you'll find a vibrant reefscape. Click here to find out what makes this Georgia reef so special, and how researchers work to better understand the ecosystem.

Earth is Blue: Capital of Protected Places. The National Marine Sanctuary System honors America's past, serves the needs of today, and provides and defends for the future. It's a future that depends on these protected places. Click here to learn more in our video!

Earth is Blue: Sunset Over Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary. From January 21-22, 2015, the Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary research team was out in the sanctuary testing the overnight capabilities of the R/V Joe Ferguson. While they worked, they captured this gorgeous Georgia sunset on film. Click here to enjoy!

Earth Is Blue: Welcome to Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary. Located 19 miles east of Sapelo Island, Georgia, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary is a hidden gem of the southeastern U.S. Enjoy this introduction to the sanctuary's fascinating history and incredible diversity of marine life, including bottlenose dolphins, loggerhead sea turtles, and more than 200 species of fish! Click here .

Your Earth is Blue: Dive into Gray's Reef. A team of NOAA scientists takes you aboard the R/V SRVX Sand Tiger for a dive out to Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary. Join them on their journey through this colorful reef, where life abounds and species are diverse! Original music composed by Chris Murphy. - Click here .

Your national marine sanctuaries are part of the economic fabric of our nation. From the Florida Keys to American Samoa, sanctuaries protect our nation's most precious underwater treasures to help ensure the future of the coastal communities that depend on them. To learn more about National Marine Sanctuaries: Invest In Your Future - Click here .

Coastal Research at Georgia Southern University (GSU) College of Science and Mathematics. Alicia Reigel a student in the M.S. Biology Program at GSU. - Click here .

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary staff participate in Ocean Sampling Day 2014 - a global scientific effort to study our ocean. - Click here .

For the first time in two decades, NOAA invites communities across the nation to nominate their most treasured places in our marine and Great Lakes waters for consideration as national marine sanctuaries. - To learn more about the Sanctuary Nomination Process - Click here .

Working with communities around the the country, NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is making a difference for the sake of our blue planet.
Earth is Blue: Your National Marine Sanctuary System - Click here .

Boats are essential to support the on-water mission requirements of the ONMS. These platforms are utilized to provide support for a range of activities, including, research, education, enforcement, monitoring, resource protection, technology testing, and marine archaeology, among others.
To learn more about the National Marine Sanctuary small boat program click here .

Savannah College of Art & Design Animation Students are creating a Digital Field Guide to NOAA Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary.
Click here to view footage of their work-in-progress.

Swimmers were replaced by robots at the Chatham County Aquatic Center on Saturday, April 13th, as the annual Gray's Reef Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) underwater robotics competition took over the pool.
Click here to view footage filmed during the competition.

University of North Carolina - Greensboro students came to Savannah on their spring break for more than just fun in the sun - they came to help others learn about ocean science.
Click here to view video of the students exploring science on their spring break in Savannah.

Citizen Scientist and Phytoplankton Monitoring, volunteers making a meaningful contribution to ocean science in our area.
Click here to view video of Citizen Scientists Working with Sanctuaries.

The Canadian Air Force partners with Gray's Reef for training off the Georgia coast.
Click here to view video filmed during the exercises.

The short film TAGGED-YOU'RE IT! takes viewers beneath the surface of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary, and reveals how researchers are using technology to learn more about the habits of the fish species that spend time in the sanctuary.
Click here to view the video.

Gabriella Garcia-Pardo is a documentary filmmaker & photographer, and winner of the Ocean Gold Robert. O. Levitt Emerging Filmmaker Award during the 2011 Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival. Gabby joined the GRNMS team for an expedition aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster in the summer of 2012.
Click here to see her film on the GRNMS research expedition (includes information about the telemetry project).

Diver on Reef

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