Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Baby Sea Turtle Education

Education Activities at Gray's Reef

We are glad you are visiting us via the internet! While we would like for you to experience the reef first hand, for most that is simply not possible. So we'll just have to bring the reef to you and the good news is you won't even have to get wet!

We offer many different opportunities to explore our reef and we hope one of these ways will be just right for you. Please read on for ways to explore and learn what NOAA Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary - One of America's Ocean Treasures has to offer you!

ROV Workshops and Competition

ROV Construstion During Competition

Ocean science technology may seem boring and difficult to understand but when taught through an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) Building Workshop ocean science technology and exploration becomes as real as the PVC pipe you cut to create your machine. Learn to build an ROV that you as the pilot really "fly" in a pool! Then teach your students how to do it, so they can compete against other student teams from throughout the southeast in the Gray's Reef Southeast Regional MATE ROV Competition held each spring in Savannah.

Teacher Workshops

Water sampling during a Rivers to Reef workshop

Gray's Reef offers workshops on watersheds. The workshops are in-depth, with information and experiences you won't get just anywhere. Besides all of that, they're fun too!

Education Materials

Education materials poster

We have developed many education publications that are free for the asking. Please review our listings and request those materials you think will be useful in your classroom.

Classroom Activities

Diver and Acoustic Receiver Array

Gray's Reef education staff works closely with our science team to translate research data and findings into meaningful and useful information specifically for educators; and have developed Classroom Activities just for the classroom!

Speakers Bureau

Cathy Sakas during a Thunderbolt Elementary Presentation

Since most will never go to Gray's Reef 20 miles off our coast and 70 feet beneath the ocean's surface, we will be glad to bring the reef to you! The staff of NOAA's Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary offers fascinating presentations on current research at Gray's Reef and in other marine sanctuaries as well as about ocean issues, awareness and stewardship. For your next public seminar, meeting and/or conference, ask us to speak!


Invertebrates of the Reef Poster

Our gorgeous educational posters, created by Gray's Reef staff both current and past, are true works of art and they are loaded with fascinating information. They are available to teachers in hard copy, although our supplies are very limited. As a means to comply with the paper reduction act of the federal government we now offer eight of our posters in digital form available on a CD. We encourage you to request a CD, so you can make your own copies at your media center or at a local printer. Just request our Gray's Reef Poster CD.


Teachers-at-Sea aboard the NOAA Ship R/V Nancy Foster

Ever have a burning desire to look like an orange Gumbie? Well, now you can! Each year a NOAA research ship conducts various projects at Gray's Reef such as ocean floor mapping, fish counts, invertebrate surveys, fish tagging and marine debris surveys, to name a few. The NOAA ship serves as both home and lab for these scientists and the ship's permanent crew. Space permitting, a few berths are offered to educators to gain invaluable experience working alongside the research team and ship's crew. Come on, be an orange Gumbie!

Lion's Paw Scallop

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