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Sam Gray

Milton Berford "Sam" Gray
1895 - 1967

by George H. Lauff
(Director, University of Georgia Marine Institute: 1960-62,
Research Coordinator, Sapelo Island Research Foundation: 1962-64)

Milton B. (Sam) Gray

Milton B. (Sam) Gray

In coming to the University of Georgia Marine Institute in 1960, I recognized the need for a survey of the invertebrate fauna of the inshore benthic communities as a potential database to underpin the development of research and graduate training programs at Sapelo Island. Indeed, Sapelo and its coastal environs represented an essentially unexplored area between the established marine science programs at Duke University Marine Laboratory at Beaufort, North Carolina, and Miami University in Florida. I had become acquainted with William D. Burbanck, Emory University, through professional contacts while at the University of Michigan. I was aware of his teaching and research residency at the Marine Biology Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, MA and sought his counsel regarding the task I envisaged. Burbanck highly recommended Milton B. Gray, a long-time biological collector at MBL. Burbanck wrote: "In my opinion Sam Gray knows more about invertebrates on the Atlantic coast than any living man. While he is still sound and vigorous I would like to see his unusual ability and experience used." He went on to say that "both Sapelo and Mr. Gray would gain". And, gain we did!

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