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November 9, 2015
NOAA Fisheries alerts boaters that right whales are migrating near the coast. Be on the lookout as this endangered species travels south for the winter. North Atlantic right whales are on the move, making their way south along the Atlantic coast of the U.S. for the winter, and NOAA is cautioning boaters to give them plenty of room.

May 15, 2015
A team from Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary and Georgia Southern University will release 50 gallons of a non-toxic fluorescent red dye (rhodamine WT) into the Altamaha River outflow on next week. By tracing the path of the dye, researchers can estimate the extent to which the river delivers dissolved substances, both contaminants and nutrients, north and south along the Georgia coast and to hard-bottom reefs occurring up to 20 miles offshore, including those in the sanctuary.

May 7, 2015
NOAA's Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council will meet on Thursday, May 21, 2015. The council will hear updates on science and management activities in Gray's Reef and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will s

February 13, 2015
NOAA's Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary is seeking applicants for one citizen-at-large seat on its advisory council. The council ensures public participation in sanctuary management and provides advice to the sanctuary superintendent.

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