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Saturday, February 10


Emerging Filmmakers Competition
SCAD Museum of Art
601 Turner Blvd., Savannah, GA
3:00 PM

Best of Studet Films GRNMS OFF 2015 with Sponsors

Through our student film competition, we hope to provide an opportunity for local students to use their knowledge and skills to address important issues regarding our ocean and freshwater environments. Filmmakers and filmmaking teams are encouraged to demonstrate their creativity and filmmaking skills for a panel of judges, including professional filmmakers, ocean conservationists, and educators. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be awarded.

Click here for complete competition information.

2018 Student Film Entries:

Winter Reef


Shark Addicts

In Need of Roadside Assistance

Okefenoke Swamp: The Land of the Trembling Earth

Bears of the Smokies

Facing the Truth: Potbellied Pigs



Trustees Theater
216 E. Broughton Street, Savannah, GA
7:00 PM

Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary

From Ironclad to Artifact:
The Journey of the CSS Georgia

The Journey of the CSS Georgia

On a busy spot in the Savannah River, with super-sized freighters racing past just yards away, archaeologists dove into the fast-moving, murky water to raise the remains of a one-of-a-kind Civil War shipwreck. The operation began with scuba divers after the ship's discovery in 1968, and continued through mid-2017 with some of the most high tech salvage tools in the world. Join filmmaker Michael Jordan for an in-depth look at decades of archaeology, as well as the back story on this truly unusual ship, which was funded with money raised by Georgia's women. This is the world premiere of "From Ironclad to Artifact: The Journey of the CSS Georgia," the latest release from the popular and award-winning Savannah filmmaker, Michael Jordan.

Click here to learn more about the CSS Georgia.

Shifting Baselines

Shifting Baselines

This engaging film tells the story of coastal Georgia's fishing families, who remember the once-booming southeastern commercial fisheries. While most families eventually ended or greatly reduced their involvement in commercial fishing, some have managed to continue to make a living into the third and fourth generations. Addressing the shifting baselines seen over time, research scientists and government administrators add their voices to the fishermen's, speaking candidly about the science behind government fisheries regulations, today's changing technology in the fishing industry, and challenges related to over-fishing. This is must-see viewing for those interested in our cultural history and is an enlightening look into the business of seafood.

Click here for a preview of the film.

Schedule Subject to Change

For more information or questions, please contact
Chris Hines, or 912.598.2397.


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