Red Fan Coral and Orange Finger Sponge
Red Fan Coral and Orange Finger Sponge
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Saturday, January 30


Lucas Theatre for the Arts
32 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA

National Geographic Night
National Geographic Logo
7:00 pm

Gyre: Creating Art from a Plastic Ocean

Plastic Gyre

Join the Gyre Expedition for a close-up look at how garbage impacts our planet. This team of scientists, artists, and educators journeyed into the Alaskan wild this summer to study and gather marine debris. What they collected will become part of a 2014 traveling exhibit that seeks to bring the environmental harm of trash into perspective.
Click image or here to watch film trailer.

Secret Life of Predators


The oceans of our planet are ruthless battlefields that constantly test even the deadliest carnivores. Dive beneath the icy waves of Alaska's Aleutian Islands to witness a hunting technique rarely, if ever, documented amongst killer whales. Orcas spend only moments feeding on a gray whale calf before dragging the carcass to the sea floor in order to store the meat for leaner times. Remarkably, small cameras mounted on the dead whale capture the entire process.
Click image or here to watch film trailer.

Q&A with Paul and Grace Atkins,
Emmy-winning Videographers

Paul Atkins

Paul and Grace will share exciting stories and present a highlight reel of their career experiences as renowned underwater videographers.
Click image or here for more information about their careers.

Wrap Party on Stage at the Lucas Theatre
9:30 pm

Join our staff, volunteers, and VIPs on stage Saturday night
for hors d'oeuvres, sweet treats, and a cash bar,
as we close the festival with a celebratory wrap party
on stage that will bring the house down!
Explore the back stage area, mingle, and reflect
with us at the conclusion of our
13th Annual Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival!

GRNMS OFF 2015 Staff Photo Booth
GRNMS OFF 2015 Wrap Party

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Chris Hines, or 912.598.2397.


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