Red Fan Coral and Orange Finger Sponge
Red Fan Coral and Orange Finger Sponge
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Judges for the
Dr. Robert O. Levitt
Emerging Filmmaker Award


John Duren

John Duren Duren lives in Savannah Georgia and has been engaged in marine conservation and fisheries management for many years. He has served as a commissioner on the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, chairman of Coastal Conservation Association of Georgia and in several other conservation and fishery management roles. He is a sports fisherman, SCUBA diver, and completed the UGA master naturalist course. He has a U.S. Coast Guard charter boat captain license. He has been very involved with water treatment, waste water treatment and environmental issues in his business career.

Amanda Fox

Amanda Fox teaches Film and Broadcasting at The STEM Academy in Savannah, Georgia, where she also moonlights as an educational consultant. When she is not inspiring students to learn through video creation, she travels throughout the state teaching green screen workshops and web 2.0 technology to educators that aspire to use video as an instructional platform. She is also the founder and director of the STEM Film Festival that will debut in Savannah, May 2015. Amanda is currently pursuing a Master of Education in Learning, Design, and Technology at Penn State University.

Jody Jenkins

Jody Jenkins, formerly a producer at SGTV ENGAGE, has been a journalist, producer and filmmaker for 30 years. His film "American Jihadist," the story of an African American who fought as a "soldier for God," won five best documentary awards in 30 film festivals globally. He is currently in post production on "Sweet Home Costa Rica," the story of a group of pacifist Quakers from Alabama who left the US after being jailed for refusing to register for the draft. They settled in Costa Rica, which abolished it's army, where they founded the town of Monteverde.

Emmanuel Mairesse

Emmanuel Mairesse has worked with National Geographic Television and Discovery for the last 20 years. He has served as editor for non-fiction films from a variety of genres including current affairs pieces, investigative films, and natural and ancient history films. Among his projects, which include some Emmy Award winners, are "Asteroid: Deadly Impact," " Sea Monster: Search for the Giant Squid," "Raising the Mammoth," "Dolphin: the Wild Side," "Alien Dee" and "Great Migrations."

Garrett McCarey

Garrett McCarey is the executive director of LCTV on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He teaches television production to community organizations and interested citizens. He has set up community channels in Pittsfield, MA and Manchester, Vermont, and has worked as a videographer/editor for WTBS, CNN and WRGB-TV, Schenectady, NY. His work includes corporate, educational and broadcast projects as videographer, editor and producer, developing a television series for the American Reef Coalition, and he is the founding member of the Educational and Independent Electronic Imagemakers Organization (EIEIO).

Keenan Smart

Keenan Smart's National Geographic Television & Film Natural History Unit has garnered virtually every accolade in the documentary world, including major awards from the Wildscreen and Jackson Hole festivals and 29 Emmy Awards. Since joining National Geographic in 1991, Smart has created and supervised all NGT&F natural history productions. From the rain forests of Borneo to the tundra in Alaska, he has produced numerous award-winning programs for "The World About Us," "Wildlife On One" and "The Natural World" series.


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