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Red Fan Coral and Orange Finger Sponge
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May 1, 2015  

Sand Creations and Creatures
on Tybee Island

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary staff spent a day in the sand with students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). As a sponsor of the SCAD annual Sand Arts Festival on Tybee Island, Gray's Reef staff judged the award for best underwater creature sand or wind sculpture. Inspired students spent hours sculpting imaginative sand and wind creations.

The first, second and third place awards for the "Gray's Reef Best Underwater Sea Creature" are pictured below.

1st Place: Sand Bubbler
1st Place: Sand Bubbler

First place: Sand Relief No. 3 - Sand Bubbler
Toni Dammicci, B.F.A., fibers, 2012
Emily Brodowski, B.F.A., metals and jewelry, 2012, Hampstead, Maryland
Krystal Sokolis, B.F.A., accessory design, 2012, Lemont, Illinois
Inspired by the sand bubbler crab and the sand pellets or bubbles it leaves behind when searching for food.
Photo: Jody Patterson / GRNMS

2nd Place: A fantastical sea creature.
2nd Place: A fantastical sea creature.

Second place: Sand Sculpture No. 16 Submerged Dragon
Spencer Kohl, B.F.A. painting, St. Johns, Florida
Madison Ellis, B.F.A. animation, California, Maryland
Samantha Greene, B.F.A. animation, Wake Forest, North Carolina Julia Chamberlain, B.F.A. animation, Guilford, Connecticut

A fantastical sea creature with life-like details.
Photo: Jody Patterson / GRNMS

3rd Place: Sea jelly wind sculpture.
3rd Place: Sea jelly wind sculpture.

Third place: Wind Sculpture No. 6 Jellies
Laura Schneider, B.F.A. accessory design, Big Sky, Montana
Elise Glueck, B.F.A. accessory design, Metairie, Louisiana
Veronica Sam, B.F.A. architecture, Lebanon, Maine

A colorful seascape was fashioned using crocheted sea jellies that "swam" in the wind between sculpted corals.
Photo: Jody Patterson / GRNMS


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