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Ocean Film Festival 2012

Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival 2012

Sunday, September 23, Noon - 5:00 pm

Our Ocean's Future

Local emerging film makers give us their view on the future for our oceans and coasts.

SCAD'S Museum of Art
601 Turner Blvd., Savannah, GA


The panel of judges for the Dr. Robert O. Levitt Emerging Filmmaker Award at the 2012 Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival has been selected. This year's judges' panel includes filmmaker producer Andy Mitchell as well as several veterans of the National Geographic Film and Television unit. Mitchell will screen his latest film from National Geographic's "Wild Americas" series on Friday night September 21. The student film being judged by the panel will be screened Sunday afternoon September 23.

Keenan Smart

His National Geographic Television & Film's Natural History Unit has garnered virtually every accolade in the documentary world. Its films are among the highest-rated programs of their kind airing on television today, setting ratings records the world over. Smart is responsible for the creation and supervision of all NGT&F natural history productions. Smart joined National Geographic in August 1991, bringing more than 14 years of natural history production experience from the BBC's acclaimed Natural History Unit. While with the BBC, he filmed nature in a wide variety of exotic and remote locations - from the rain forests of Borneo to the tundra in Alaska - producing numerous award-winning programs for "The World About Us," "Wildlife On One" and "The Natural World" series. He has received honors from such prominent film festivals as Wildscreen, the International Wildlife Film Festival of Missoula, and The Japan Wildlife Film Festival. Since the establishment of the NHU, films from Keenan's unit have won numerous major awards from the Wildscreen and Jackson Hole festivals and have received 29 Emmy Awards.

Keenan Smart is senior advisor to the Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival and is in charge of judging student films submitted for the Dr. Robert O. Levitt Award of Emerging Filmmakers.

Andy Mitchell

Andy Knight Mitchell is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer, producer, writer and photographer. For the past 16 years, Mitchell has filmed anything and everything he can. From rock stars to great white sharks, natural disasters to Buddhist monks, music, reality, gorillas, science, Sasquatch, dolphins, dingoes, presenters, insects, and nearly everything in between. He has over 70 credits for National Geographic, Wild, Discovery, BBC, Animal Planet, Smithsonian, POV, PBS etc... and has filmed all over six continents and in four oceans. He lives with his wife and two boys in Middlebury, VT. Mitchell will present some of his most recent work for National Geographic on America's Coasts on Friday September 21 at the Trustees Theater.

Emmanuel Mairesse

Emmanuel Mairesse has been based at Based at National Geographic Television since 1995. He has edited and post-produced many specials and series including "Great Migrations", "The Human Family Tree", "Dino Autopsy" and "Tornado Intercept" for NGC as well as "Illicit: The Dark Trade" for PBS, "In the Valley of the Wolves" for Nature and "Mystery of a Masterpiece" for NOVA. Emmanuel adds that he just finished working on a series for NGC called "Alien Deep" featuring Bob Ballard's excellent adventures.

Garrett McCarey

Garrett McCarey is the executive director of LCCAT, a Community Media Center on Cape Cod. Trained in Film Production at NYU, he began working in Film and Television by documenting activities of the Hudson River Environmental Society in the 1970's. Later work included corporate, educational and broadcast projects as videographer, editor and producer. Present work includes developing a television series for the American Reef Coalition based in Maui, of which he is a member of the board of directors. He is the founding member of the Educational and Independent Electronic Imagemakers Organization (EIEIO).

Gayla Jamison

A founding member and Executive Director of Lightfoot Films, Gayla Jamison has many produced human rights, cultural and social issue documentaries filmed in 20 countries on five continents. As producer-director-writer for Lightfoot Films, she has produced Cheating the Stillness: The World of Julia Peterkin (a biography of the South Carolina author who won the Pulizer Prize for fiction for her groundbreaking depiction of 1920's rural African American life), Lives For Sale (about sex trafficking of undocumented immigrants to the U.S.), Approach of Dawn (which chronicles Maya women' struggle for justice during the Guatemalan civil war), Scraps of Life (about Chilean women with family among the detained-disappeared who use art as a form of protest during the Pinochet dictatorship), Living in America (a portrait of the historic Latino community of Tampa, Florida), and "Enough To Share," (a history of an interracial intentional community in rural Georgia).

Kathryn Pasternak

After 16 years of service at National Geographic Television in Washington DC, Kathryn Pasternak launched her own production company, PASTERNAK MEDIA LLC. Since then, she has offered her services as producer, writer and executive producer on a variety of documentary, wildlife and conservation media - from high-end, blue chip television programming, to people & animal series, fast-paced reversion projects, and conservation advocacy films. Recent clients include: National Geographic Channels, Discovery Networks, Animal Planet US and International, Smithsonian Networks, Wildlife Conservation Network, International Wildlife Film Festival, Claiborne/ Ortenberg Foundation, and JWM Productions.

Lou Douros

Lou Douros has spent the past 30 years observing, capturing and retelling stories. He has filmed, produced or directed stories in more than 20 countries. Lou's work with small, agile documentary crews immersed audiences into first-hand glimpses of developing countries for a US-based international NGO. He has conceived and directed long-form programs, music videos and spots on location with a complete crew for distribution in the US, Asia, Europe and Africa.

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