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SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival
April 24, 2010

Gray's Reef
Fantastic Fishes Awards

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) held its 29th Annual Sidewalk Arts Festival on Saturday, April 24, 2010 in Forsyth Park. Visitors viewed temporary chalk masterpieces created by SCAD students, alumni and prospective students on the walkways of the historic park in Savannah, GA.

For the sixth year, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary sponsored a separate category in the festival. The Gray's Reef Fantastic Fishes Award seeks to encourage student artists to find inspiration in the marine environment. With an emphasis on whimsy and biologically accuracy, Gray's Reef promotes art as another way to engage the public on marine issues through non-traditional educational means.

Gray's Reef 1st Place

First Place - Ryan Sanchez, illustration, Savannah, Ga.

Gray's Reef 2nd Place

Second Place Team - Jamie Gordon, photography, Seattle, Wash.; Mariana Ruiz, fashion, Miramar, Fla.; Corie Jones, art history, Palm Beach, Fla.; Kasandra Torres, photography, Miramar, Fla

Gray's Reef 3rd Place

Third Place Team - Leslie Martin, animation, Cincinnati, Ohio;
Chelsea Deering, animation, San Antonio, Texas

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