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Cousteau Day Celebration
June 25, 2010

In celebration of the life and legacy
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
100th Birthday Celebration

Gray's Reef staff

Gray's Reef staff celebrating Cousteau Day
Photo credit: Karin Paquin, UGA / MAREX

On June 25, 2010, The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries launches "Cousteau Day", a system-wide day of celebration of Jacques Cousteau's life, marking 13 years since his passing and 100 years since his birth on June 11, 1910.

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary sponsored free admission to the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service aquarium on Skidaway Island on June 12 to observe the 100th anniversary birthday celebration of pioneer marine explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Aquarium visitor receives red wool cap

One of the first aquarium visitors recieves red wool watch cap
Photo credit: David Nadeau, University of Miami

Aquarium visitors received a good introducion to local marine life. Film clips of Gray's Reef were shown and visitors spent time at the aquarium tank devoted to explaining the sanctuary acoustic fish tagging project as well as visiting the diorama depicting Gray's Reef.

The first 25 guests received a red wool watch cap representative of the one Cousteau so often wore.

Aquarium visitors enjoy birthday cake

Devon Dumont, UGA / MAREX cutting and serving the Cousteau birthday cake
Photo: David Nadeau, University of Miami

At 1:00 pm everyone paused to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jacques, followed by cutting of a birthday cake that was enjoyed by all. In total 145 adults, 121 children and 32 seniors visted the aquarium for the birthday celebration.

Many thanks to Aquarium Curator, Devon Dumont and Assistant Curator, Karin Paquin for helping to make the celebration successful.

Aquarium visitors viewing tanks
Aboard the R/V Sea Dawg

Visitors enjoy viewing aquarium tanks
Photo: David Nadeau, University of Miami

Jack & Annabel Patterson exploring the trawl catch aboard the R/V Sea Dawg
Photo: David Nadeau, University of Miami

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