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Rivers to Reef 2015 Participants

2015 R2R Participating Teachers, Day 1 classroom activities module.
(Photo: Amy Rath)

During the 12th annual Rivers to Reefs Educators Workshop, Georgia teachers will investigate, explore, and discover the connections between inland rivers and offshore marine habitats.

They will disconnect from their everyday technology to explore the Altamaha River watershed where they will explore differences between humans and their environment. Through these new experiences they will learn the relationship between science concepts and the world outside the classroom, and share these connections with their students through curriculum.

Rivers to Reef 2015 Leaders

(L to R)Carol Thurman (Rivers to Reefs Educator Workshop evaluator), Cathy Sakas (Coastal Naturalist), Amy Rath (Gray's Reef NMS), Kim Morris-Zarneke (Georgia Aquarium), Dr. Theresa Stanley (Gordon State College) and Dr. Mike Mahan (Gordon State College).
(Photo: Georgia Aquarium)

Participating teachers will come to understand how the Altamaha River, the seventh largest watershed on the eastern seaboard, directly influences Georgia's coastal waters, and ultimately, Gray's Reef.

Through a partnership between Georgia Aquarium, Gordon State College, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary and University of Georgia's Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, this workshop opportunity empowers teachers to bring real world science to their students by providing teachers with necessary background information, tools, activities, materials and hands-on field experiences.

Follow the adventures of these teachers each day as they make their way from Atlanta southeast through the Altamaha River watershed. All along the way they will be stopping to collect water samples, conduct water quality tests and record environmental factors to determine the overall health of the creeks and streams that input to this river system. Using the information collected, teachers will build a profile of the entire watershed from beginning to end - from the metropolis of Atlanta all the way to Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary - from Rivers to Reefs.





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