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Baby Sea Turtle Education

Education Materials

We have developed many education publications that are free for the asking. Please review our listings and request those materials you think you will use in your classroom. We will be glad to send them to you free of charge and request that you include a physical mailing address and the date by which you absolutely need them. Please allow at least a month from the date you make a request for our materials to arrive. We receive numerous requests for our materials each day and it takes time to process the requests and prepare them for mailing. We ask your patience in processing your request.

Our Materials Include:

  1. Tales of Whales, Turtles, Sharks, and Snails
    1. Educational Handbook

  2. The North Atlantic Right Whale Education Module
    1. From Whaling to Watching - Educator Manual with activities (2955 kb)
    2. North Atlantic Right Whale - 2 part poster set
    3. From Whaling to Watching - video program on DVD - 20 minutes

  3. Rivers to Reefs
    1. Video - 30 minutes on DVD
    2. Video - 60 minutes on DVD
    3. Video - 75 minutes on DVD with Chapters
    4. Poster
    5. Educator's Manual with Activities (393 kb)

  4. Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Publications
    1. Underwater Video Clips on DVD
    2. Gray's Reef Regulations Fact Sheet

  5. Federal Fishing Regulations for South Atlantic Waters

  6. National Marine Sanctuary Informative Publications
    1. Our National Marine Sanctuaries - Brochure

  7. Discover Your Changing World with NOAA - An Activity Book on Climate Change (8315 kb)
Lion's Paw Scallop

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