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Gray's Reef on the Road: A Traveling Exhibit

Gray's Reef on the Road features stunning underwater animals and diversity, inspiring visitors to get involved to help protect the ocean and the sanctuary. The exhibit educates the community about ocean conservation, our connection to the ocean and the brilliant marine life at the reef. Given the sanctuary's remote location 19 miles east of Sapelo Island, Georgia, the exhibit brings Gray's Reef and its ocean wonders to the community.

The exhibit consists of three panels featuring interactive elements, video displays, virtual dives, sounds, light and images that create a memorable experience for the visitor. A 3D loggerhead sea turtle, a goliath grouper and a few 'cool creatures' add perspective for the explorer. The experience is complete as the visitor is surrounded by a school of fish with ocean sounds!

Gray's Reef Mobile Exhibit - Panel 1

This is yours.

Panel 1 is the attention grabber. A 3D loggerhead sea turtle and goliath grouper combined with inviting images attract visitors. The panel then introduces GRNMS and has a monitor featuring underwater images, upcoming events and other educational information. The aim is to inspire visitors to care about the ocean, its resources and Gray's Reef.

Gray's Reef Mobile Exhibit - Panel 2

Meet Your Neighbors.

Panel 2 provides geographical information for the visitor with a map of the southeast. Visitors are encouraged to meet their underwater neighbors with a 3D octopus, a North Atlantic right whale and a sponge. Visitors are introduced to the dynamic ecosystems and the importantance of responsible ocean stewardship. As a highlight, a touch-screen monitor provides a virtual dive of Gray's Reef!

Gray's Reef Mobile Exhibit - Panel 3

Explore Gray's Reef.

Panel 3 features an area where visitors can physically enter the reef to be surrounded by schooling spadefish, sandfish and amberjack. Soft lighting and ocean sounds create a memorable experience that visitors can share. The panel invites visitors to dive deeper to learn more about GRNMS events, volunteer opportunities and ocean stewardship online.

Exhibit Details.

  1. There is no cost to host the exhibit, but donations to Gray's Reef NMS Foundation are welcome.
  2. The exhibit will be setup by sanctuary staff.
  3. Background materials are available.
  4. Each panel is 3' x 8' and can be displayed in a triangle (prefeffed) or flat against a wall.
  5. Electricity is required.
  6. The exhibit features video, sound and light.
  7. 24" LCD monitors are located on panels 1 and 2 that display images, video, and venue information.
  8. For more information, contact Elliott Lam @ 912.598.2439 or email

Partner with Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

In addition to developing permanent exhibits at partner sites, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary offers this traveling exhibit that can stand alone or incorporate into museum displays, hotels, libraries, businesses or other displays on a temporary basis.

In February 2017, Gray's Reef on the Road will be unveiled at the Gray's Reef Film Festival and then debut at the Live Oak Public Libraries. It is available for display at venues for periods of six, nine or 12 months.

Funding for the exhibit's development was provided in part by NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, and Gulfstream.

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