Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
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Diving in Gray's Reef
    National Marine Sanctuary

Gray's Reef is one of the most popular spots off the Georgia coast for recreational fishing and diving. The sanctuary is only accessible by private boat. Many independent boat operators run fishing trips and dive trips to the Sanctuary. Gray's Reef does not make recommendations.

We make available an alphabetical listing of charter operators and dive clubs that offer trips to Gray's Reef and other coastal locations.

Grays' Reef National Marine Sanctuary does not endorse or promote individual businesses or clubs, but provides this list as a service to the community. We also recommend checking the yellow pages and online for updates.

Download a Southeast Dive Directory. (65 kb)

Know the guidelines and regulations before you go:

       Two types of flags are used to indicate diving activity.

        Divers Flag. Rectangular red flag with white diagonal stripe. A rectangular red flag, at least 15" x 15", with a white diagonal stripe is required on state waters.
        Alfa Flag. Blue and white vertically striped flag. A blue and white International Code Flag A (or Alfa flag) is required on vessels on federally controlled waters

  • Scuba divers or snorkelers must display a diver-down flag that marks the diving area.
  • Vessels must remain at least 100 feet away from the person in the water.
Best Diving Practices Poster

Click image for a downloadable PDF of the
Best Diving Practices poster.

Click here for information about Gray's Reef regulations.

A "sample" of what you may see during a
dive at Gray's Reef

Feather duster worm

Feather Duster Worm (Photo: Greg McFall, GRNMS)

Nurse shark under ledge

Nurse shark under ledge (Photo: Greg McFall, GRNMS)

Star-eyed Hermit Crab

Star-eyed Hermit Crab (Photo: Greg McFall, GRNMS)

Scamp cruising over Live Bottom

Scamp cruising over Live Bottom (Photo: Greg McFall, GRNMS)

Regal Sea Goddess Nudibranch

Regal Sea Goddess Nudibranch (Photo: Greg McFall, GRNMS)

Sunrise at Sea

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